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The Community Veterans Project (CVP) is the first-of-its-kind nonprofit with the mission to identify onset Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. 

The CVP developed a California Peace Officers Standard and Training-certified program to train First Responders to identify and mentor consenting veterans.

The CVP has provided its expertise related to California State initiatives such Assembly Bill 674, Assembly Bill 1925 and Senate Bill 1296 all related to veterans training of law enforcement personnel. 


The Community Veterans Family Project (CVFP) researches the early warning signs and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) behaviors and experienced by veterans and witnessed by their close family members.  CVFP focuses on identifying the characteristics of onset PTS.  It is the goal of the CVFP to educate veterans and their close family members about PTS so they will recognize it, seek assistance before PTS conduct becomes self-destructive of criminal.  Once the data collection and information is processed, CVP will share the results of this study with interested veterans, their families and other veteran organizations. 

Comments from research participants:

"This research if vital.  If I had known five years ago what I now know about Post Traumatic Stress I could have prevented my son's suicide attempts and being sent to prison." - Jamie, Georgia  

"The military has been aware of Post Traumatic Stress since WWII, why has it not prepared itself to address this inevitable consequence? We have Marines with a problem, not problem Marines!" - Steve, California (Gold Star Dad)

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