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Early Warning Signs of PTS/TBI is a guide specifically to help educate family members as to what PTS/TBI symptoms may look like in their world.  Most often, family members and veterans are challenged to adequately describe symptoms and occurrences to their healthcare providers or Veterans Affairs professionals. It is suggested that users print these pages, circle the similarities in their situation, and then write down additional, unique experiences. Take these pages with your notes to the healthcare provider(s) to begin the necessary discussion towards a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Improve the Veteran-Family Relationship by Not… and Recommendations from Family Members for the Family Circle provide family members with a list of best practices to be considered when interacting with their veteran.        

Veteran-to-Veteran Helpful Suggestions are suggestions that were specifically identified by veterans as pieces of information they wish they had when they started wrestling with their PTS/TBI journey. Veterans-to-Family Advice should be read and re-read by family members of veterans. According to the veterans we spoke with, they hoped that their insights would be deeply understood and appreciated by non-veterans. For veterans, many of these concepts are personal absolutes and whether or not you agree with them, these insights should be respected. As one veteran said, “Success with your veteran is driven by the family’s recognition and understanding our ‘new normal.’ ” 

See further information here: Why Vets Don't Seek Help, Hidden Triggers, and When To Seek Help.


Disclaimer:  The focus of the information contained in the online material and videos are educational and not a treatment plan and, there are no guarantees that the information contained on this website will be effective. Every person with PTS/TBI may have unique challenges that are outside the realm of this effort. Please seek prompt, professional help as necessary.