"The Community Veterans Project (CVP) is the first nonprofit to educate veterans and their families in the
early detection of and suggested ideas for working with PTS/TBI. Although a difficult challenge, it is far
more humanitarian and cost-effective to try to help veterans before their symptoms become severe.
I am glad CVP is doing this unique work."

— Superior Court Judge Stephen V. Manley, Santa Clara County, CA Veterans Court

“If I could prevent one family from going through what I went through, please offer them my insight.”
— Tom, Father of a Marine


“This research is vital. If I had known years ago what I now know about Post Traumatic Stress,
I could have prevented my son’s suicide attempts and him being sent to prison.”

— Jaimie, Mother of an Army veteran


"As parents of veterans, it is our responsibility to learn how they think. We need to change how
we listen to and understand them so we will be able to effectively interact with them."

— Tom, Father of a Navy veteran


“The government/military has known about Post Traumatic Stress since WWII. 
Why are they not prepared to help their own?"

— Steven, Gold Star Dad


“Our families know much more about Post Traumatic Stress than the
so-called experts are willing to admit. We need to be heard."

— Denise, Mother of an Army veteran


“The military trained our sons and daughters to be superior warriors. Now, they also need to spend, 
as necessary, the same amount of effort to untrain them so they can better adjust to civilian life.”  

— Charilyn, Blue Star mom