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For families who are beginning their PTS/TBI journeys with their veterans we have helpful videos and downloadable guides. We interviewed veterans and their families from the Vietnam era to the present day Global War on Terror. Read and watch their best practice ideas. 



"PTS is a normal reaction to an abnormal event." See our videos of veterans moving from PTS to Post Traumatic Growth. Read the downloadable guides produced by veterans containing helpful suggestions and encouragement. There is much families can learn as well. 


force multipliers

From the 63rd Regional Support Command, US Army Reserve and the Naval Institute Annual Convention to local veteran support groups, First Responder in-service training, and Veterans Court support, we explain the Early Warning Signs of PTS and undiagnosed TBI and much, much more.

Watch veterans, spouses, and parents


Many of the veterans and family-circle participants expressed sentiments similar to, “If I can prevent one family going through what I went through, please offer them my insights.” Their emphasis for participating with the Community Veterans Project was most dramatically expressed by “Jamie” from Georgia, who said, “This research is vital. If I had known years ago what I now know about Post Traumatic Stress, I could have prevented my son’s suicide attempts and him being sent to prison.”

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                           Veterans-to-family advice

                    "I wish I would have had some resources"

Watch veterans


You are not alone. There are untold numbers of veterans who have learned healthy methods for managing PTS. Watch below and consider downloading our quick-read guides. The vets hoped their insights would be appreciated by non-veterans, too. Check back with us now and then as we will rotate in and out new videos.

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               "A normal reaction to an abnormal event."

                  "Why vets don't seek assistance...it's called PTS!"

                           Vet-to-vet helpful suggestions

                    "You can't "suck it up and drive on" forever"

Finding your new normal


Your family sleigh may be temporarily halted.
Our quick-read guide could offer ways to get things going a bit smoother.


Recommendations from family members

Click on the link above for a downloadable PDF.

Read veterans helpful suggestions and tactics for life 


You already know how to adapt, improvise, and overcome.
In this next season of life, some change is necessary for growth. 


"You're starting at the right place..."

Click on the video to hear our co-founder Dave Walker talk about the easiest way to start this journey, good techniques for living, and an overview on navigating the VA system.


helpful suggestions

Click on the link above for a downloadable PDF.